About Justin Lewis

I am an artist that specialize in Fine Art (painting in oils, acrylics and other media), Computer Graphics (logos, 3D modeling), and Tattoo (Surreal, Realism, Stylized, Black Light Ink).
I prefer to view tattooing as fine art where your skin becomes the canvas. This yields to more beautiful and imaginative tattoo work that’s tailored to your body and you as an individual. I am an artist that takes the time to work one on one with you in a creative and relaxed environment. There are no “rock stars” here, only a true artist that want to help you express what you wish on your skin.
I also am readily to accept fine art commissions.
Please call or stop by. Even if you are not looking to get new work immediately, or if you just want to discuss ideas, our, reference library, and minds are always open. This is a warm and welcoming environment for all artists and those who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship.

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